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One only needs to open up a celebrity or fashion magazine to notice hair and eyelash extensions are en vogue. Sure, fashion trends come and go but hair extensions have been around since the days of Louis XIV. And while eyelash extensions don’t have quite as long of a history they’ve still been used by women hoping to improve their image for nearly 100 years. Extensions will continue to be popular because methods are constantly evolving to match current fashion trends. 

At Opulence Training we’re at the forefront of hair and eyelash extension techniques and we’d like to share our knowledge with people in Utah interested in learning the art of extensions.  Offering several hands-on classes in various extension methods we can help you master necessary skills whether you’re a professional stylist, a hobbyist, or just someone who’d like to save money for friends by avoiding costly salons.

Opulence Training offers a variety of classes in Utah. Check out our class schedule and enroll today!

  • We have a weekly/monthly calendar that you are able to choose what day and time works best for your schedule. 
  • You will be certified and become a specialist in the methods you choose to be educated in.  
  • The course is full of information not only for you as the professional but information for your client as well.  How to properly care for the extensions along with helpful hints and tools to make their experience opulent.

  • Each method of extension comes with a fully stocked kit!  The kits come with everything you would need to apply the extensions and to remove the application.  Each kit comes with extension hair that you are able to choose the color that best suits you.  

  • Every kit comes with an Opulence Training color swatch.  You will be taught how to properly match and achieve the most desirable look for each client. 

  • In our program you will learn not only how to apply the method of extension and to remove the application but you will learn how to cut the extensions to help blend the hair.  OPTraining will give you guidelines and tips to making the hair look more natural and uniform with the natural hair of the client.

  • The class is a one day course and you will feel fully trained and prepared to do a full application of the method you certified in.   
  • Last but not least you will be given guidance on what to charge for extension services and how to build and grow your extension clientele. 

  Please note that Opulence Training kits are sold on the basis that purchasers have received or will be receiving approved training by a recognized licensed  training provider.